Division Twelve offers a wide range of vibrant powder coatings which allows for incredible customization. We saw this as an opportunity to match the brand palette to their coatings and developed a design system that uses the designers own curation process as a jumping off point. The layering, swatches as design elements, mixing of colors and textures all stem from this idea and allowed us to inspire creativity without showing the furniture in obvious environments. The modular swatch clusters used throughout the brand follow a 12 unit grid and allow for endless customization while elevating everything they are applied to. When used in conjunction with tonal furniture photography and unexpected landscape images we achieve a level of whimsy and recognition that allows Division Twelve to be an inspiring design company that also happens to make furniture.

The scope of work for the Division Twelve brand included business cards, a postcard sets with bellbands, a series of product brochures, ads for four markets/phases, social media rollout with templates, press images and comprehensive brand guidelines.

All flat colours found throughout the print pieces were calibrated to match the related powder coating so they could be used as references when ordering.