The Ontario Science Centre’s annual fundraiser works to bring awareness to all that science can offer to childhood education and to our future innovators. In 2020, that mission became the heart of our campaign. ‘WOAH’ reminds us of that moment of discovery: when we experience something new, spectacular or awe-inspiring. We brought this message to life through digital, social, video, print and out of home across Ontario as we invited the public to make sure that every kid gets the WOAH moment they deserve.

The branding of the fundraiser connects a clear message on an emotional level. The adaptable system allows for WOAH moments to grow and shrink and reflects the individualism that everyone can feel in moments of discovery. Weights of a contemporary ink trap typeface were chosen for its defining features and characteristics. The visible ink traps reveal the construction of the type which brings to life curiosity and urges one to look closer. Using the message as the visual element enabled us to create a bold consistent connection across applications.