The Toronto History Museums identity began with looking at the role of time in history. Using key dates associated with each museum as a starting point, we created a timeline that represented the history of the museums and the past, present and future of Toronto.

This timeline became the heart of the identity, providing the foundation for both the logo and the modular system. Within the system the timeline becomes a frame that shifts, adapts, and repositions depending on the content. It draws the eye to what’s most important, pulls focus to details, and frames stories and portraits.

The modular system allows history to be at the heart of the identity. Paired alongside the striking photography and typography, the system is an ideal representation of the identity of the museums: at once modern and classic, fixed and fluid.

Toronto History Museums have a responsibility to tell the story of the city of Toronto in its entirety. This means sharing the voices and moments that may have been lost in time. To speak about the past, present and future of the city.