A project always in progress. Currently a platform to collaborate with like-minded creatives around the production of objects. So far all work has been given away with the only criteria being ones enthusiasm for it. The Royal Family is our chosen family.

TRF Sherman Posters


Christopher is a photographer, creative and editorial director living in Toronto and New York. His photos are getting published all over the place right now and for good reason, he has an incredible eye, sense of humour and ability to capture a sexy moment. He was kind enough of let me curate a selection of images, pair each with a colour and print them.

There are 25 different posters, each featuring a different image and colour. Each was printed at 22 x 28 inches by Spark Graphics on Via Vellum 100lb Text uncoated paper. The series was produced in a quantity of only four of each in 2018. All copies were given away and if you ask nicely I may still have a few.

Spark is a new leg of the well known printer Flash Reproductions but it’s focused on designers that want to produce small runs for personal or client projects. They use a new press and process that creates amazing results at a very affordable price. This poster series wouldn’t have happened without their willingness to collaborate on something fun.

TRF Sherman Postcards


Printed to accompany and give context for the poster series. There are two different postcards, one Safe For Work and one not so much. Printed at 5 x 7 inches by Spark Graphics on Via Vellum 100lb Text uncoated paper.



The handmade NSFW and MAYBE NSFW stickers made to accompany the posters were popular enough that hard enamel pins seemed like a more keepable and interesting give away. Produced in a quantity of 50 each.

TRF Presto Card Cover


Spotted a new indie producer creating credit card cover stickers and wanted to try it out. Turned out to be relatively costly and the quality wasn’t good, so I won’t recommend them here. Produced maybe 10 total in a couple batches.